Writing & editing

Over the years I have written and edited a broad range of materials, including media releases, blog posts, social media messaging, educational resources, training materials, online learning modules, annual reports, a commercial textbook, and an open textbook. Below are some examples, as well as brief descriptions that include the purpose of the project, target audiences, and tools used.

Open textbook example

Project purpose: To remix and adapt several open textbook chapters into a customized compilation for my classes

Tool used: Pressbooks

Target audience: First year university students completing a business communications course

Screenshot from Pressbooks of Introduction to Professional Communications by Melissa Ashman

Online learning modules example

Project purpose: To allow students to identify changes they can make to their lifestyle to reduce their risks of cancer

Tools used: Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Camtasia, content management system, social media

Target audience: Up to 60,000 post-secondary students in BC spread across multiple geographically separate campuses

online learning screen shot

Annual report writing example

Project purpose: To highlight research successes from the past year as an indicator on ROI

Tool used: Microsoft Office

Target audience: Research donors (past, present, and future potential); university and health authority stakeholders; others interested in brain research

annual report cover

annual report welcome

Blog post editing example

Project purpose: To bust the myth that UV exposure (and skin cancer risk) in Canada can be justified for the sake of vitamin D intake

Tools used: Microsoft Office, content management system, social media

Target audience: General public