I love teaching, plain and simple. I am a skillful and reflective teaching practitioner, and I actively seek to improve my teaching skills.

I strongly ascribe to a constructivist approach whereby students can build on existing knowledge through carefully planned, managed, interactive, and engaging activities. I regularly solicit feedback from my students to ensure every decision I make in my classroom is based on helping students learn the course material in ways they identify to be meaningful and applicable to their future careers.

Whether online or face-to-face, my classroom is a safe and inclusive place for all students to learn and practice. I believe everyone brings different perspectives and experiences to the classroom, and I invite and welcome students to share these with the class. It is through practice, individual reflection, small group activities, and group discussion that we are able to learn from our mistakes, deepen our understanding, and find connections between ideas in class and application in the real world.

I deliver every lesson in a professional manner, sharing my knowledge and experience to the best of my abilities. My teaching knowledge and extensive workplace communications experience inform my practice.

I also firmly believe what happens in my classroom is a shared responsibility, and I respectfully hold students accountable for their learning responsibilities. In my classroom, students are expected to contribute to their own efforts to learn, to support my efforts to help them learn, and to contribute to the learning of others in the class.